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Trunks store a lot of important stuff and become paramount when you are heading for a road trip or a picnic with your family. If you discover a jammed trunk lock right before you are heading for the trip, then you can jeopardize the whole plan. Packing your luggage in the back seat is a good solution if you are just two people but if you have kids or any other companions then you need to unlock the trunk as soon as possible. Aqua Locksmith Store has been helping customers who need quick and effective automotive lock and key issues and over the years we have unlocked countless trunks with 100% success.

The challenge with trunk unlocking:

Modern car manufacturers put a lot of effort and thinking into securing car trunks. Trunks are somewhat impenetrable and are designed to withstand manipulation and force entry attempts from car thieves. Your everyday locksmith can easily unlock your car but if you need to unlock a jammed trunk, you need the assistance of a professional locksmith. 

Many cars these days are equipped with levers and alarm systems that are designed to block entry to the trunk from within the car almost impossible. That is why opening the trunk is a challenging task but Aqua Locksmith Store’s professionals can help you out no matter how high the complexity involved.

Hire the right auto locksmith to save the day:

You need a competent and professional auto locksmith for unlocking a trunk. A locksmith with the right skill and knowledge can easily unlock the trunk without causing any damage to the car and without accessing the car from inside. 

Any attempt to open the trunk yourself will almost every time result in damaging the lock and adding to the cost of repairs. That is why you should hire a professional service like Aqua Locksmith Store that provides effective trunk unlocking solutions.Aqua Locksmith Store Lake Oswego, OR 503-305-9504

What we do?

  • Fix broken trunk locks
  • Develop new keys for the trunk
  • Unlock the trunk without damage to the vehicle
  • Retrieve keys locked within
  • Opening jammed trunks

If you need a trunk unlock service in Lake Oswego, OR area, that can professionally open the jammed trunk of your car or retrieve a broken key from the trunk lock without damaging the lock, call Aqua Locksmith Store. You can reach us at 503-305-9504 any time of the day.