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So what does rekeying a lock mean? By rekeying a lock, you are realigning the pins and tumblers by replacing them, so that it fits the new key. In this process, the actual lock is not changed but just the pins and the tumblers. This is to make sure that the old key cannot open the lock anymore and gives the customer an economical alternative to entirely changing the lock. If you need quick rekeying of locks in Lake Oswego, OR area Aqua Locksmith Store is your best bet.

Advantages of rekeying your locks:

Rekeying of locks makes your locks secure again and moreover give you the complete over the management of keys at your home or office. With rekeying you can avoid:Aqua Locksmith Store Lake Oswego, OR 503-305-9504

  • Access of former tenants into your premises
  • Easily identifiable lock combinations
  • Unauthorized entry/exit into your premises
  • Possibility of opening lock with another key
  • Lapses in security
  • Operation of contractor’s key by removal of master pins
  • Extra costs that are associated with lock replacement

Should you replace or rekey locks?

There’s always a possibility that your ex - tenant may try to come back to your house and access your home without your knowledge. If you have these doubts, then you should rekey your locks immediately. Rekeying your locks is better than a lock replacement as it is a cost - effective option. You don’t have to replace the whole lock and hence it brings down the cost substantially. It also eliminates the possibility of any other key opening the lock. If you want to rekey the locks at your home or office, call Aqua Locksmith Store and we will get the procedure done immediately.

Why you need professional help?

When it comes to rekeying a lock you should always seek the help of a professional. A DIY solution on the internet may only damage the lock and add to the cost of repairs. A professional will know how the sophisticated pins and tumblers of a lock work. An untrained eye might not be able to do justice to the locking system. Our experience and skill are what you need to effectively rekey the lock.

Be it a pin and tumbler lock rekeying or an ignition rekey procedure, call Aqua Locksmith Store and avail quality and affordable rekey services in Lake Oswego, OR area!